Horses can be used for the benefit of your team, depending on your specific requirements.  Horses live in harmony with the other members of their herd.  Their interaction with a person/group is only optimal if that individual/group is in balance.


They are able to offer, through your interaction with them, insight into your behaviour.  Awareness can be followed by change to further enhance your personal and professional life.


You will practise different exercises with the horses under supervision.  They horses offer you a true reflection of yourself.

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The way a herd of cattle live in their natural environment can offer insight into the way we live together.  At the farm, you can experience for yourself where these similarities are.  We can offer you a special, new way of looking at your business relationships through close observation of the cattle !  Think outside the box !


Nature offers us so much, it is the essence of our existence.  It is not without reason that many people come to rest in the natural world.  It is often the source of incredible inspiration.  Nature bursts with energy, the very basis of our existence.


Nature can offer us unexpected and intuitive insight, both personally and within a team.  Dependent on your requirements, nature can be a source of renewed awareness and change.


Dogs feel your emotions, and reflect this back to you by means of their behaviour.  By undertaking practical exercises you will learn how certain behaviours trigger a reaction in the dogs.


Dogs have long been known as ‘Mans’ best friend’.  During the training sessions, we use the dogs as an accurate reflection of our clients. They offer you a personal insight in a unique manner. Through these insights, you are enabled to trial new ways of thinking.  The dogs are always honest and non-judgemental.


I N  &  O U T D O O R 


A N I M A L   A S S I S T E D


C O A C H I N G   &  T R A I N I N G 


what are your goals and dreams in life?







reflections by nature;


Descover, live, enjoy, learn from nature and the wolves …..

It is possible !



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