Assistentiehond Nederland



A proportion of the income generated through ‘Incredible Reflections’ will go to ‘Assistance Dogs Holland’.  This charity was started in 2001 by the owner of the training centre.  Her personal goal was to improve people’s quality of life through the use of specially trained dogs.


What do we do?


Charity ‘Assisistentiehond Nederland’ trains dogs to undertake specific tasks, whereby they can be of assistance to people with physical difficulties, epilepsy, ASS or PTSS, hearing problems or mental health illness.  A friend for life who can help increase independent living.


The dogs are able to help people, eg: wheelchair users, with accessing items from a fridge, cupboard, they are able to open drawers, and help with dressing and undressing among many other tasks.  Dogs can raise the alarm in times of trouble. Actually they are able to assist with so many activities of daily living which most of us take for granted we are able to do, but for people with a disability, can become monumental tasks. 


Dogs are also able to predict the onset of an epileptic or diabetic seizure.  This ability is of enormous importance for peoples’ independence and quality of life.  What these dogs can be trained to do, and the incredible team relationship which is developed between dog and owner, no words can adequately describe.  


Stichting Assistentiehond Nederland






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Stichting Assistentiehond Nederland

Burgtsebaantje 5A

5124RD Molenschot 


NL21 RABO 0145108864




Voor de opleiding tot hulphond heeft stichting assistentiehond excelente honden nodig die worden geselecteerd op hun gedrag

 (een grote "will tot please" ) en op hun gezondheid.

Deze honden worden beschikbaar gesteld door Kings Goldendoodle Europe.  

Voor het opleiden van epilepsiehonden, autisme begeleidingshonden, PTSS, Geleide en hulphonden is een speciaal fokprogramma opgericht.  Hiervoor worden Goldendoodle pups, Aussiedoodle pups en Partydoodles  pups



Deze honden hebben een hoge aaibaarheidsfactor,  hebben een grote "will to PLease" ; willen heel graag samenwerken met hun baas en hebben als bijkomende fantastische eigenschap dat ze niet verharen en anti allergisch zijn.










Burgtsebaantje 5

5124 RD Molenschot


+31 612141221