Developing Leadership


For leadership development we ask the horses and dogs to mirror you, and to reflect your behaviour.  Are you in a leadership position, or do you want to be ?  Or have you been pushed into a leadership role ?  You cannot fool the animals! They give reactions according to your behaviour.


Horses are extremely sensitive creatures and like to follow a leader … if they sense you are a leader they can trust.


Dogs live in the here and now.  They read your body language which is guided by your emotions.  Can you convince them you are their leader?


Only by using effective leadership skills will you be able to positively influence the animals and the people around you. Leadership skills are the tools, resources and behaviour necessary to ensure success. Awareness of the strengths and resources of others and the facilitation of these is one of the skills of a good leader.  The most successful leaders are those who stimulate others to be successful, who believe in themselves and their goal. Who bring out the very best in others.


Using your present and desired styles of thinking we can perform exercises with the horses/dogs.  You can experience, using all your senses, the primitive response of your actions, through the ‘mirror’ the animals provide.


This takes place in a safe environment.  With direct and honest feedback from the animals and coaches. Experience the sixth sense of the animals to provide a really unique personal insight.


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