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What do you want to achieve through teambuilding?

What is it important for your organisation to achieve?


Our teambuilding training is unique, activities involving the animals are tailored to demand.  The animals offer, with their trainers, a unique opportunity for personal reflection.  Incredible reflections is a step forward, if you are open for what we can offer.  Our program offers many possibilities to strengthen your team now and in the future.


Our animals offer unique reflections which can lead to personal growth.  This in turn, will lead to better working relationships.  The goal is therefore: personal growth to promote business success.


Together, we consider what is best suited to your organisation.  Horses, dogs, cows, nature, or a combination of these.



The content of the teambuilding is based upon the anaylsis of the Mindsonar. 


An analysis is made of every team member and added together to make a total score for that team.  This analysis highlights the strengths, and the areas requiring attention, within the team. The results are discussed, trained and practical sessions with the animals are undertaken.


We offer the possibility to try different ways of thinking, to practise, then to look at the results.  These results are then used within the team, leading to enhanced working relationships.


This gives insight and with this insight comes development, both on a personal and team level.  You learn to “play” with different styles of thinking and reap the advantages of positive change.  You learn to appreciate each others’ strengths.  The aim is to achieve a more united and stronger team, whereby goals are achieved together.






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