Developing Leadership



Our training location is situated in a country side setting, with views over the fields and forests.  We have the capacity to allow you and your colleagues to work together in this peaceful setting, to further develop your team skills.


Teambuilding activities involving our animals can be arranged.  The type of animals we use include: cattle from Dairy Farmer Baantjer Holsteins, horses and dogs at our training centre or wolves from Spain!


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Developing Leadership

For leadership development we ask the horses and dogs to mirror you, and to reflect your behaviour. Are you in a leadership position, or do you want to be ? Or have you been pushed into a leadership role ? You cannot fool the animals! They give reactions according to your behaviour. Horses are extremely sensitive creatures and like to follow a leader … if they sense you are a leader they can trust. Dogs live in the here and now.



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Do you want to achieve more with your team? Improved communication, better understanding of each other, better working relations and respect for team leaders? Find out where your strengths are,

as individuals and as a team? Identify areas of development and potential growth. If you remain doing the same things, then you will only receive the same rewards. If you make a change, think innovatively and creatively, you will make progress.


Personal Coaching


Personal coaching, we are there for you.  Experience the reflection the animals provide you and use this to promote success. Identify your qualities and further develop skills.


We offer coaching with or without animals. With animals is more effective as you are provided with immediate feedback to your personal thinking styles and behaviour.


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What Can We Offer You ?


Incredible reflections enables you, through the ‘mirroring’ abilities of the animals, to deepen awareness of your personal strengths, and identify areas of development.  What you learn can enable you, either by yourself, or with our coaching, to maximise personal growth, which can have a very positive influence in your personal and business life.


You can not look yourself in the eye, you need a mirror to do that! That is exactly, and uniquely, what our animals can provide.

Presentaties en lezingen

We can offer inspirational presentations and talks over our various areas of expertise. We can offer clarity concerning the difficulties a company finds itself in.

Opstellingen kunnen direct heel veel inzicht geven in issues die spelen op persoonlijk en zakelijk gebied. De opstelling geeft een verhelderend inzicht van degene die eraan mee werken en ook voor degen aan de kant die niet opgesteld zijn.


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Open trainingen
Coachen van mensen met Autisme


At specific times it is possible to take part in training events.  Various individuals from a range of companies may take part in these courses.



I coachingI coaching is a possibility to assist in personal and business issues. Due to busy personal and work schedules, it is sometimes easier to arrange coaching precisely when it suits you. Some people may also prefer to remain anonymous. We have various coaches prepared and able to help. 



Master your Mind mindset trainingen
de kracht van je gedachten

We offer experienced coaching to children and adults with Autism with the aim of each individual achieving their potential and getting the most out

of life. We help people make the most of their

very unique qualities and gifts to achieve personal fulfilment.

We cannot change what happens in life, but we can change the wa we think about it. Your personal thinking style. This is influenced by upbringing, and life experiences. The question is ‘are alternative ways of thinking going to bring you increased success or happiness? Are your patterns of thought holding you captive? Hear, see and feel how you can become the boss of your own mindset and how you can increase your chance, hereby of achieving your goals and dreams. 

Met de mindsonar worden de verschillende denkstijlen die jij in bepaalde contexen gebruikt in kaart gebracht.

Het meet niet wie je bent maar HOE je denkt.

Deze persoonlijke denkstijlen kunnen voor een heel team maar ook voor een individu, in kaart gebracht worden. Het geeft duidelijk inzicht in de sterktes van het team of de organisaties en waar de ontwikkelpunten liggen.

Vanuit de kracht je denkstijlen bewust beter inzetten voor success. 


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